Christina Aguilera Releases New Body-Positive ‘Beautiful’ Music Video

It’s been 20 years… 20 YEARS! And times have changed. When Christina Aguilera first released the song “Beautiful,” social media was in its infancy. We still viewed platforms like MySpace and Facebook as fun ways to connect and meet others, and we were ignorant of the negative side effects. Today, we know more than ever about the downside of social media and how it can affect how we look at ourselves. Pop diva turned mother Christina Aguilera addresses this issue in her new “Beautiful” music video.

Christina’s updated video for the 2002 classic song tackles the topic of social media and mental health in a very blunt and creative way. As children and teens conform to what they see online, they stop finding their own individuality and the unique qualities that make them “Beautiful.”

As a mother of two sons, Aguilera wants children to “Tune out and turn in. Take your space, log off, put your mind, body, and soul first.”

Watch Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful (2022 Version)” below:

Social media has transformed our relationship with our bodies and, in turn, our mental health.

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