The Power of a Hug: Heavyweight Short – Cody

Have you ever stopped to consider the power of a single hug? Cody understands, and he shares his story with the Heavyweights podcast. Listen.

There is no denying that human touch is necessary for a happy, healthy life. And if we didn’t know that before, we certainly became aware during the great quarantine of 2020. Being single at the time, I remember when I first realized just how long I’d gone without a hug, and the realization felt devastating. I remember what that first hug felt like and just how much it meant to me. And what’s even crazier is, before then, I was not a hugger; like, not at all. So, I had all the feels while listening to “Cody,” this week’s short from Gimlet’s Heavyweights podcast.

At a very low time in his life, Cody received a hug that he still remembers 16 years later. I recommend you listen to the entire Heavyweights short; it’s just over 15 minutes, but pay particular attention when Cody and the hug-giver (that sounded better than hugger) talk about how important that moment was for both of them. Get your mind out of the gutter if that’s where it is; this is an episode for everyone to hear. It’s also a great reminder to be open and kind toward others whenever possible. Your small gesture could mean everything to someone else. Add this one to your queue and get the tissues!