The History of The Most Hated Halloween Candy of All Time

Circus Peanuts, Candy Corn, and Black Licorice are some of the most hated candies still in production today. But here’s the crazy part: even though they’re widely hated, they never seem to go away. In fact, they have a longer history than I do. Learn more about the most hated Halloween candy of all time!

Why anyone still decides to give out this hated Halloween candy is a mystery to me, but the good news is, like it or hate it, the history behind the candy is fascinating. For example, black licorice originated in a 16th-century English monastery; Circus Peanuts’ popularity sky-rocketed because of war rationing in the 1940s, and Candy Corn was once mass-marketed under the name Chicken Feed. Learn even more in the video below:

Circus Peanuts, Black Licorice, and Candy Corn are possibly the most divisive Halloween treats. Each, however, has its own history that has allowed them to, perhaps surprisingly, have endured to show up in trick-or-treat bags and candy aisles for generations

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