Behind the Scenes: Creating a Hand in Hand Tartan for Fendi

Behind the Scenes: Creating a Hand in Hand Tartan for Fendi

It might be due to my Scottish ancestry, but I love a good tartan! I probably have every type of accessory and item of clothing in at least one tartan pattern. So, you can imagine my excitement over Fendi’s handmade tartan handbag.

The #FendiHandInHand project once more goes beyond Italy to pursue the finest craftsmanship from around the world, this time visiting the Scottish Highlands to celebrate the country’s rich textile heritage.

There, Clare Campbell’s Prickly Thistle – Cloth of Identity elevates the concept of tartans by weaving words, numbers, and symbols into their fabrics. For her interpretation of the #FendiBaguette, Clare worked with Fendi’s traditional colourway and signature yellow, as well as the numbers five, for the five Fendi sisters, 1925, the year Fendi was founded, 1997, marking the creation of the Baguette, and 2008, the debut of the Peekaboo.

The resulting tartan is now registered within the Scottish Register of Tartans.

Learn more about the craftsmanship behind creating the new tartan Hand in Hand baguette style:

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