Retro: Weird McDonald’s Items That Disappeared Off the Menu

McDonald’s has made so many changes over the years. Some of the changes have been great (no more styrofoam containers), and some have been terrible (where did the fried apple pies go?!). Were some of their decisions good for our health, like not cooking fries in beef fat? Yes. Were they better decisions for our taste buds? No. No, they were not. But fries and apple pies aside, there are a lot of missing menu items that most of us don’t miss at all.

Anyone else remember the Salad Shakers at Mcdonald’s? : nostalgia (

In theory, the idea was great. The tall cup allowed you to pour in the dressing, shake the container to mix all the ingredients, and then enjoy on the go. But here’s the problem: no one buys a salad on the go. They buy a salad to eat in a bowl while sitting (or maybe standing) at a table.

Again, in theory, the idea was great. But no one goes to McDonald’s to get a healthy burger. No one.

What family chooses to dine on a large pizza at a fast food burger joint?! Psycho families do. If you did this, I probably don’t want to meet you.

I totally ate these, so don’t judge me. I ate the s%#t out of these. I’m still sad they’re gone. Let’s move on, okay?

If there was an actual burger (beef, chicken, veggie?!) on this burger, it could’ve been something inspiring. Instead, it was just pineapple with cheese on a bun. I repeat: pineapple. With cheese. On. A. Bun. Why?

Not to be confused with Doc… or Hot Pockets. I didn’t know these ever existed. I think my life is better for it.

I never knew what this stood for, but I fell for the marketing campaign when I was a kid. My parents never understood. Looking back, they were totally right. Why does anyone want to assemble their fast food burger at the table or in their car? So stupid.

Why? What’s wrong with a good, old-fashioned onion ring?!

I tried it and didn’t love it. I went back to Big Macs. Good riddance.

McDonald’s, you do what you do so well. STAY IN YOUR LANE! Let the Filet-O-Fish be the only seafood item on your menu. The idea of your version of a cheap Lobster Roll scares the crap out of me.

Learn more about all of the above products in the video “9 Bizarre Food Items That Disappeared From The McDonald’s Menu” below:

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