Fat Man Dancing – A Body-Positive Poem by Jared Singer

Fat Man Dancing might be the most body-positive poem I’ve heard in a really long time. Poet Jared Singer shies away from lofty language and speaks instead to the heart of every person listening.

On the surface, the poem is about a fat man on the dance floor, but the theme speaks to the power of loving yourself no matter what shape you are. Singer calls himself perfect while admitting he is far from elegant on the dance floor. Nevertheless, his confident poem is the epitome of body positivity, and every body type should pay attention to it.

Just a word of warning, Fat Man Dancing contains strong language; you may want to use earphones if others can hear:

“When you are looking for the edge of human excellence, do not look for the naturally talented. Look to those who are hungry, who have something that they have to chase or something that is chasing them. This is where we can find the maximum of human potential.”

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