Heardle is my New Favorite Trivia Game [Listen Up!]

I thought I was exhausted with Wordle-type games. Like everyone else, I jumped on Wordle when those weird boxes and hashtags started showing up on Twitter. But at the point that the New York Times purchased the internet phenomenon, I was exhausted with it and all of the copycat games that were released soon after. Then I found Heardle.

Heardle was purchased and is now run by Spotify (yes, the same evil overlords that pay Joe Rogan crazy amounts of money for his podcast), and I can’t stop playing. Like Wordle, the music version gives you six guesses to solve the puzzle, but unlike Wordle, you listen instead of reading.

Each daily Heardle features a clip from a popular song. Guess in as few tries as possible, and be sure to come back every day for a new song.


If you’re a trivia and popular music fan, this is the game for you! Click on the button below to play today’s session:

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