A Fitbit Solved Connie Dabate’s Murder and Put Her Husband in Jail

A Fitbit fitness tracker helped to prove that Connie Dabate was murdered by her husband. Find out the details of this true crime story.

Just before Christmas of 2015, when most families were preparing for the big day, Richard Dabate was mourning the brutal murder of his wife. He claimed that an intruder who sounded like actor Vin Diesel (The Fast and the Furious) found his gun and killed his wife—a weapon he had purchased without his wife’s knowledge months earlier. The intruder allegedly tied him up and tortured him, rendering him unable to save his wife. The authorities arrived when the burglar alarm was tripped around 10 in the morning. The intruder was gone, but they found Richard tied up and Connie Dabate shot dead in the basement.

As Richard explained it, he forgot his laptop that morning and returned home to grab it. It was then that he was accosted by the intruder and tied up. Connie also returned home unexpectedly when her workout class was canceled. Upon entering the home, the intruder took her to the basement and shot her. When the alarm was triggered, he fled the scene. The problem was that ConnDabate’se’s Fitbit told an entirely different story.

After a thorough review of the evidence, it was clear that Richard killed his wife. He was having an affair, and there was a new baby on the way. Instead of getting a divorce, he cooked an elaborate plan that included staging the crime scene with his own blood. How could a family that looked so hopeful and perfect on the outside turn out this way? From what it sounds like, even Connie Dabadidn’tn’t imagine her husband posed any real threat. I guess you never really know someone….

Learn even more about the Dabate family tragedy below:

ConnDabate’se’s FitBit data on the day of her death has been used against her husband, who has been charged in her murder.

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