The Great Herring War Scene from The Golden Girls [Favorite Scenes]

The Golden Girls is a classic for a reason, and the “great herring war” scene shows the funny ladies at their best. When I’m feeling low, I watch certain shows repeatedly because they are guaranteed to make me laugh. The Herring War scene is guaranteed to make me giggle every time.

If you’ve ever wondered why The Golden Girls is so beloved, look no further than the herring war scene. The ever-funny Betty White improvised most of Rose’s story, causing actresses Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan to break character. I can’t stop laughing every time I watch it.

In the episode “The Way We Met,” which comes at the end of season 1, the roommates look back at how they all came to live together. It was a rocky start, and just as it seems one or more of them might need to move out, Rose likens their situation to a herring war back in St. Olaf.

You might be an android if you can make it through this without so much as a giggle. Watch!

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