John Lopez, The Cowboy Sculptor, Creates Art from Junk

Cowboy sculptor John Lopez isn’t your typical artist. Born and bred on a ranch in South Dakota, Lopez, already skilled at bronze casting, learned the art of welding from an uncle and found a new passion. He scoured surrounding farms and ranches, pairing old scrap materials with his bronze work – the result was life-changing.

Thanks to his ability to think outside the box, John Lopez is in high demand. His success allows him to remain in South Dakota, where he uses local life and culture to inspire his work. Watch below as Lopez discusses his gallery, his art, and his environment:

Amongst the ranches of South Dakota, artist John Lopez is welding unbelievable assemblages of scrap metal and discarded farm tools. His constructions are larger-than-life recreations of bears, bulls, horses, and more, all imbued with the spirit of the wild west. While his metal menageries may look like a chaotic fusion up close, stepping back reveals an animal come alive.

Find out more about John Lopez, his art, and his gallery at

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