Most Popular Junk Food Through the 20th Century

At first, you think, do I really care about what junk food was popular over the years? It would be absurd if you cared, right? But you kind of care, don’t you? Of course, you do! Junk food is near and dear to everyone’s heart, no matter how fit and healthy you are. What falls in that category is up for interpretation, but I bet you currently love or are nostalgic for at least one item in this list.

Whether it’s Hershey’s Kisses, Oreos, Cheez-Whiz, Doritos, or Twinkies, the video below will ignite your love of all things junk food. Don’t believe me? Just watch and see how fast you want a Hostess Cupcake or a slice of pizza!

Before the Industrial Revolution, most of what we would now consider “junk food” was made at home on a small scale. While the invention of the steel mill and steam power was certainly useful and revolutionary, the more whimsical effects of the societal overhaul are worthy of analysis as well. The developments in food science expanded while mass production grew more sophisticated, enabling the American public to experience a wide array of new snacks.