“Ride” Brings Annie Londonderry’s Epic Ride to the Stage

Imagine a time when bicycles were the latest craze, and a woman traveling the world solo was scandalous. Meet Annie Londonderry, a trailblazer with a sense of adventure as big as her heart. Ride, a new stage musical, shares her adventurous nature with the world.

Born Annie Cohen in 1870, Londonderry decided she wanted to travel around the world on a bicycle! She renamed herself after the company that sponsored her and set off from Boston in 1894. She dodged traffic in New York City and navigated the cobblestone streets of Paris, fearlessly pedaling her way across continents, bringing a sense of inspiration wherever she went.

Ready, set, ride! The smash-hit London musical makes its U.S. premiere. It’s 1895, and Annie Londonderry wants to discover if a woman can ride a bicycle around the world. The problem? She’s only ridden one twice! As Annie and her unwitting secretary, Martha, share unbelievable adventures across four continents, they learn that no matter how far we ride, our past is always right behind us. With a high-energy score and a wildly versatile cast, this fresh and funny show is what Theatre Weekly called “an amazing piece of theatre and a must-watch for everyone.” [Ride | The Old Globe]

Watch an incredible performance from Alex Finke and Livvy Marcus in the studio and onstage as they perform “Across “America” from the new musical Ride:

If you’re in the area, get tickets for Ride at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego, California!

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