“I Hate Everything But You” with Skylar Astin from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

One of my favorite love songs comes straight out of one of my favorite shows. Watch “I Hate Everything But You” from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

I am a huge fan of the series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which on the surface, was a show about a weird girl who follows her childhood crush to California… oh, and it’s a musical. The show absolutely had its charm and humor, but what eventually resonated with audiences was the deeper dive into the main character’s emotional and mental health. There are so many brilliant songs to choose from, like “I Gave You a UTI” or “I Go To the Zoo,” but one of my absolute favorites is “I Hate Everything But You.”

Not only was “I Hate Everything But You” written by the great Adam Schlesinger (who sadly passed away earlier during the pandemic lockdown), but it was also performed by one of my favorite musical actors, Skylar Astin. Written in the style of Bruce Springsteen, the song leans on a more cynical viewpoint of the world but still ends up the perfect love song, in my opinion.

Watch the live (shorter) rendition (my favorite!) from The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Concert:

Watch the entire scene starring Astin and Rachel Bloom: