Road-Tripping: Buc-ee’s, the Best Travel Spot in the US

Chances are, if you live in Texas, this is old news. And if you’re in one of the other southern states that the chain is expanding into, you’re super lucky. On the other hand, I still have to travel further below the Mason-Dixon line to get my Buc-ee’s fix, but hopefully, they’ll find their way up the coastline. Although, I’ve considered that maybe the only reason I love the gas station superstore so much is that it’s not an easy place to get to. Fortunately, I have friends near the Katy location, which also boasts the longest car wash in the world (which, of course, I forced my friend to take me through).

Buc-ee’s isn’t your typical gas station or convenience store. It’s like the Costco of gas stations and convenience stores. Their food is fresh and delicious, they sell just about every trinket you could ever want (trust me, I have plenty of beaver-themed merch), and they have more gas pumps than any other station. But the best part about stopping during a road trip? They have the cleanest bathrooms I’ve ever seen; in fact, they’re known for it. Seriously, they might be cleaner than my own bathrooms. And we all know a clean bathroom on a road trip is a luxury that is hard to come by.

So whether you’re stopping in for souvenirs, gas, a bathroom stop, or fresh brisket sandwiches… Buc-ee’s is everything you could ever want and more. See for yourself:

It’s a Texas institution with a national footprint: a chain of road stop convenience stores the size of the Lone Star State, with a smiling cartoon beaver mascot and a devoted following. Correspondent Luke Burbank travels to Buc-ee’s to find out why customers are so driven to visit. (Is it the award-winning bathrooms?)

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