To the Girl Who Looks Like Me from Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah

Watch This: To The Girl Who Looks Like Me (2021 Short Film)

I am moved by this short student film. To The Girl That Looks Like Me is a beautiful short film that poetically illustrates how it feels to be young and black in a primarily white system. The inspiration for the lyrical poem came when poet/filmmaker Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah saw a photo of Kim Kardashian’s hair in corn rows – a hairstyle she wore as a child:

“I would get teased for [it], people would call it ‘corn rows,’ like, ‘you have rows of corn, why does your hair look so weird?’ And now because a celebrity has it, it’s suddenly something that’s really cool.” 

Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah  [Rotten Tomatoes]

To The Girl That Looks Like Me runs just over five minutes, so you have no excuse not to gather some perspective and be entertained. The short student film brings together poetry, music, and dance in an evocative piece of art:

“I love poetry, I love activism, and I love my heritage, which is Ghanaian culture, and I wanted to find a way to put all three of those things in a film, which is my other passion.” 

Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah [NYU]
To The Girl That Looks Like Me, is an experimental poetry piece that celebrates black women, who continue to thrive in a system that was not built for them. This visual poem explores culture, self-love and self-discovery through a string of vignettes that combine dance, folklore, modern culture and spirituality.

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