Taylor’s Version: A Short About Love and the Music of Taylor Swift

I can’t get enough of (Taylor’s Version)! It’s quickly become my latest obsession – I’ve already watched it twice, and I’m seriously considering a third once I’m done with this post. This funny and insightful short film invites you to watch as two charming individuals bond over their shared adoration for Taylor Swift’s music and how those songs relate to their current relationships. Trust me, this delightful short film will have you laughing, but also, you can’t help but relate to the raw, genuine emotions on display.

Remember the lyrics to protect your love life. An ode to changing times. What started as an actual conversation with a close friend, the grimmest man I know, blurting the words – ‘I love Taylor Swift,’ left me contemplating about the whys and hows of our Anthropocene. The film chooses a direct & light-hearted approach to contradict the otherwise meta-modern landscape we reside in.

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