What Was That?! House of Hammer – An Armie Hammer Documentary

I thought I knew what was happening with the Armie Hammer scandal, but after watching the three-part documentary House of Hammer, I realized I had no idea. In fact, what I knew barely scratched the surface. The Discovery+ doc has it all: fame, fortune, scandal, murder… and cannibalism?! Yep, it’s all true! This is one twisted family.

Here’s the truth, until the news about Armie Hammer’s predilection toward rape culture and torture started hitting the internet, I only knew that he was an actor. I liked him in The Social Network and Call Me By Your Name, but I knew little more than that. I didn’t know about his family’s fortune or horrific behavior generation after generation. Armie might be the worst of them, but he comes from a long line of abusers, murderers, and rapists. House of Hammer lays it all on the line, revealing the misery and pain each generation has inflicted on others and one another. The family had so much money; even the President of the United States was once at their beck and call. No matter what they did, the family was like Teflon: no charge ever stuck, and they were never held accountable. Although, maybe that will finally happen with Armie.

From the beginning, House of Hammer clearly states that the film stands with the survivors. Much of the content consists of interviews with the women assaulted by Armie and other men in his family. Other interviews come from reporters, influencers, and other online presences that followed the story as it came out. Gloria Allred, attorney for one of the survivors, comments as well. After watching this series, I still firmly believe there is NO excuse for Armie’s behavior, but I can understand where it comes from.

I will say that parts of House of Hammer were hard to watch and/or listen to. The survivors hold a few details back but still paint a clear and often uncomfortable picture of what happened. They describe Armie’s seduction stages, from the love-bombing to the actual rape and torture. And what’s worse? He seemed to be super proud of his behavior! Some of the texts and stalker messages are terrifying.

Watch the trailer below and then jump over to Discovery+ (to merge with HBO Max in 2023) to watch the docuseries directed by Elli Hakami and Julian P. Hobbs.

About House of Hammer: A shocking Hollywood scandal rips open the Hammer family’s perfect façade. From rape allegations against Armie Hammer to years of deceit at the hands of his great-grandfather, the family’s dark secrets finally come to light.

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