The Challenge: Home Turf Follows Your Favorite Champs Home

I’m obsessed with The Challenge. I can’t help it. And my favorite challenger is Chris Tamburello, or CT as we all know him. Let’s just get that out of the way now. He’s been in the game since his days on The Real World Paris, where he first flaunted his bad-boy persona. If you’ve kept up with his MTV journey, you’ll know he’s undergone a massive transformation. Back then, he was always on the brink of throwing down for just about any reason. So, how did he evolve from a young hothead to the conscientious and loving dad he is now? And all while remaining a fierce competitor on reality TV?

MTV has rolled out a new YouTube series dedicated to the lives of uber-popular The Challenge competitors. Follow these reality stars home, see where they come from, and get a glimpse of what their lives are like now. In the premiere episode of The Challenge: Home Turf, CT discusses his challenge career, family, and more (this may be the most I’ve heard him say about Diem ever!). It’s definitely worth your time – watch the full episode now:

If you’re a longtime Challenge fan, you probably thought CT was from Methuen, right? CT demystifies this assumption, coming to us straight from his REAL hometown of Charlestown to pull the curtain back on his origin story 🧭 CT goes deep, giving us his take on his most ICONIC Challenge moments! 💥 From his unconventional Real World audition (which led to a secret life in Paris) to his instant connection with Diem, watch as we get to know the real Chris Tamburello. 🏆

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