The Farmer’s Dog ‘Forever’ Ad Wins Super Bowl 2023

The Farmer’s Dog won big during this year’s Super Bowl with a heartwarming commercial targeted at dog lovers. Have you watched it yet?

This year, every Super Bowl commercial seemed heavily based on Gen X or Millennial nostalgia. (That’s my kind of nostalgia!) But, in all honesty, it was The Farmer’s Dog commercial that won me over. I barely even remember the other ads, not to say they weren’t good, but the pet company’s Forever spot is the only one I’ll remember.

Will this one impact you if you’re not a dog or an animal lover? Maybe not. Given that it’s an ad for a pet company, particularly for dog owners, who cares? But I need to warn you, The Farmer’s Dog goes for the heartstrings, and you will want to grab your tissues ahead of time. I’m tearing up just thinking about watching it again. The ad celebrates the love between a dog and its owner; in my opinion, there is nothing like that special bond. (Excuse me while I go hug my dog.)

Watch The Farmer’s Dog’s beautiful ode to man’s best friend:

Watch our 2023 Super Bowl commercial that’s earned the top spot in USA TODAY’s 35th Ad Meter competition. Any dog person knows-nothing matters more than more years together. And that’s what inspired us in making our latest TV commercial – celebrating the full, healthy, and happy lives we want all dog people to experience with their best friends. It’s our love letter to dogs.