Chloe Ayling: Missing European Model – Kidnapping or Scam?

According to British model Chloe Ayling, she suffered one of the most harrowing and bizarre kidnapping scenarios and lived through it. But her story is so “out there” that many are having difficulty believing her. So, the question is, is Ayling a kidnapping victim or a scam artist looking for attention?

During a 2018 trip to Milan, Italy, the unthinkable happened to Chloe Ayling, as the model tells it. She was taken by two men wearing masks who were part of the criminal gang, The Black Death Group. They drugged her with Ketamine and made plans to sell her as a sex slave to the highest bidder on the dark web. However, once they learned Ayling had a child, they decided she wasn’t worth selling.

Chloe Ayling was later caught on video while shopping with one of her captors, and it appeared that she was laughing and enjoying her time with him. According to Ayling, her life depended on faking a good time, but inside, she was terrified. She also tried to get the same abductor to fall in love with her, so he decided to set her free just after they enjoyed breakfast together. Ayling also claims she owed them money, which they would allow her to repay after her release.

The truth is, Chloe Ayling could be telling the truth, but with all the holes and strange events in her story, it seems like she’s lying. So, what was the point? If she’s lying and was in on the whole scam, it may have been to help further her career. Before the kidnapping, she was a glamour model but not well known and not making the kind of money she was looking for. After the abduction, people worldwide knew who she was and what she did for a living. It increased her profile 10-fold. Was the entire setup a hoax to kick-start Ayling’s career? And if she was in it with her abductors, would she help put them in jail? Was that always part of the plan? Or, in the end, is the harrowing kidnapping tale true?

Learn more about Chloe Ayling’s rise in the modeling world and hear her tale directly from the model herself. What’s your take? Is she telling the truth?

Chloe Ayling is a stunning and in-demand glamour model, but in July 2018, she was abducted off a street in Milan in Italy, by two masked men. She was drugged, gagged, and held hostage in a remote farmhouse. The kidnappers’ evil intention was to auction Chloe on the internet as a sex slave to the highest bidder. The plan failed because the 20-year-old model says she was able outwit her captors. But Chloe’s story of escape from this nightmare was almost too heroic to believe, and many people thought she was lying.

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