Breaking As An Olympic Sport?! Coming to Paris in 2024!

Breaking As An Olympic Sport?! Coming to Paris in 2024!

Don’t tell me that breaking isn’t an athletic sport. The flexibility and endurance required of the dancer-athletes is mind-blowing. So much skill is needed that it should be its own Olympic sport. Finally, in 2024, it will be!

When the 2024 Summer Olympics begins in Paris, France, four new competitive sports will be added, including climbing, surfing, skateboarding, and breaking. The dance/sport has been a global phenomenon for decades, and it’s been a long road to getting the dance recognized as a sport. There have been competitions, teams, classes, and professional artists focused on the sport for years, but it is only now that the dance genre will become part of the Olympic Games.

We still have to make it through 2020, but how excited are you for the new 2024 categories? Did you ever think that sports like skateboarding or breaking would ever make it an official Olympic sport? Find out more in the video below:

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