Charlie Berens: Midwest Goodbye Comedy Special

Charlie Berens is back with his first comedy special: Midwest Goodbye! Watch the midwest comedian in his full-length special right now.

I should say this; first, I am not from the midwest. I have distant relatives in the midwest; I’ve visited much of the midwest (although I’m not sure about Wisconsin), but through and through, I am an east coast city girl. The reason I say this is because I don’t know that I “get” all of Charlie Berens’s jokes, but it doesn’t matter because I laughed the entire way through his first comedy special: Midwest Goodbye.

For those unfamiliar with Charlie Berens, he has more recently become known for his social media and sketch comedy videos. However, make no mistake, he is an award-winning journalist. Just because he plays nice (and sometimes a little dumb) in his caricatures of midwesterners, he is one smart guy. And I think it’s because of his sharp wit and observational prowess that his comedy attracts people from all over the country and across political lines. Mostly, he’s a clean comedian, too, so families can often watch and laugh together. And while I love all types of comedians (if you can make me laugh, I don’t care how you do it), it is nice to know I can often send a clip of Berens without a bunch of NSFW labels.

Charlie Berens debuts his first full-length comedy special, and I promise you’ll be laughing from the start. Watch his full-length Midwest Goodbye special below:

Charlie Berens takes the stage at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee for his first full-hour comedy special, “Midwest Goodbye”.