Dine Underwater at the Restaurant ‘Under’ in Norway [Where to Eat]

I swear, when I think I’ve seen every creative way to eat dinner, someone comes up with a new concept I must try. So, I guess it’s time to book a trip to Norway so I can experience dining 18 feet under the water’s surface. The restaurant Under is an experience that doesn’t require dive training, so anyone can go as long as they have the time, money, and, most importantly, a reservation (this isn’t a drop-in kind of restaurant).

Half-sunken into the icy waters of Lindesnes, Under invites you to dine five meters below the surface. The panoramic view of the seabed offers a visual gateway to the sea and connects the guests to the wildlife outside. This provides you with an opportunity to take in the otherwise rarely seen marine ecosystem of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Dining takes a dive at Norway’s ‘Under’: Europe’s first-ever underwater restaurant – Vogue Scandinavia

Fresh ingredients and pure, naked flavors are of the utmost importance to us. At the same time, we want to provide an unique dining experience that ushers our guests beyond their comfort zone – Chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard

The restaurant Under celebrates the marine world in which it exists. Not only is the restaurant’s design made to merge with the aquatic world around it eventually, but its ingredients come from the water just outside the window. Every part of Under is meant to celebrate marine life and is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. But be warned, there are limitations. Head Chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard sets the menu with only a few alterations available; there are no vegetarian or vegan options, and don’t book a reservation if you have seafood or shellfish-related allergies.

If you’re ready for an experience of a lifetime, find out more about this unique restaurant at

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