The Psychology of Keeping Secrets

Not to brag, but I’m very good at keeping secrets, especially my own, although that’s not always a good thing. I feel so much emotional weight when I have a secret, and multiple secrets exhaust me. First, I have to keep them straight in my head, and I have to be on top of who knows what, and then there is the sheer terror that I might accidentally let something slip. Secret keeping is mentally taxing, but have you ever wondered about the psychology of holding a secret inside?

Keeping secrets can lead to feelings of shame and isolation, and the more we hold them in, the more depressed and anxious we become. According to the video below, “the average person has as many as 13 secrets at any given time.” To understand more about the 38 types of secrets and the psychology behind keeping them, watch Michael Slepian in the video below:

There are 38 kinds of secrets. The average person has 13 at any given moment. Michael Slepian explains how that can affect your health.

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