Prince - found footage from age 11

Found Interview of Prince at Age 11 – Watch!

Can you imagine finding footage of Prince at 11 years old by accident? That’s exactly what happened at a CBS affiliate station in Minnesota.

Imagine that you’re tasked with watching hours and hours of footage from a teacher’s strike in 1970. It’s your job, and you’re good at it, so you diligently watch the footage for hours. But suddenly, out of nowhere, an unexpected and familiar face stares back. This was exactly what happened to an affiliate news station in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And the face staring back was none other than Prince Nelson at 11 years old.

It took some verification but after connecting with Prince’s childhood friends, they were able to confirm that it was Prince commenting on the teacher’s strike. What a find! Although it shouldn’t be too surprising given that he grew up and lived most of his life in Minneapolis. But finding the footage was a happy accident indeed! See the interview and learn more about the found footage:

If serendipity was a story, then you’re about to watch one of the most fortunate strokes of luck ever at WCCO. A mysterious gem – unearthed on accident – giving people a glimpse into Minneapolis history through the eyes of a young musical icon — Prince.