PORTL: It’s FaceTime for the Future

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I already struggle to accept FaceTime calls when I’m not expecting them because, most likely, I’m still in sweats with no makeup and my hair sticking up in all directions. Trust me, no one wants to see me like that. But I’m in the minority these days as video calls and chats become the new normal. This is why I don’t know how I feel about PORTL.

PORTL is a new hologram technology that allows you to beam yourself all around the world, even in multiple locations at the same time.

Proto is the first device that lets people beam themselves to a location thousands of miles away and interact with people there. You can call it telepresence, or even holoportation, but it’s real right now. Proto was founded by David Nussbaum in Los Angeles in 2019 and is already shipping its human-sized machines worldwide.

Using 4K touch screens, built-in motion cameras, and hi-fi speakers, PORTL is as close as we can come to traveling around the world in an instant. At least for now… who knows what we’ll be able to do in the future. Find out more about this incredible technology:

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