Learn to Make Fugazetta: Delicious Foccacia and Cheese Pizza!

Look, I’m going to be honest with you: I’ve never heard of a Fugazetta before, and I feel like I’ve been robbed! It’s basically gourmet pizza crust and cheese… delicious bread and cheese. I mean, those are the two ingredients I live off of (that’s healthy, right?!). But I plan to rectify this situation as soon as possible! Learn how to make this cheesy focaccia delight from Argentina with Ham El-Waylly in the video below!

In a fugazzeta, two pizza crusts are sandwiched around cheese before being crimped shut and topped with a heap of thinly sliced onions. The onions might seem like overkill, but don’t skimp: They soften and char, providing a nice reprieve from all the molten cheese.

You can really see the influence of Italian immigrants in Argentinian pizza culture: They brought focaccia with them, which morphed into a focaccia-pizza hybrid known as fugazza, a thick pizza topped with cheese and shaved onions. This got dialed up a few notches to become fugazzeta, which Ham El-Waylly shows us how to make.

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