How KFC’s Double Down Started The Trend of Viral ‘Stunt Food’

How KFC’s Double Down Started The Trend of Viral ‘Stunt Food’

I’ve never had a KFC Double Down sandwich, and honestly, it’s one of the greatest food regrets of my life. Not because I crave bacon, cheese, and sauce smashed between two pieces of fried chicken (although all of those things are delicious); I want one because it’s weird, has limited availability, and is a viral sensation worldwide! If I ever try one, I may only take a bite… but I’ll be damn sure to grab a photo and post that thing all over social media.

The Double Down has been credited as one of the first ‘stunt food’ restaurant creations to go viral. We’re all so used to seeing stunt food on Instagram that we can hardly remember when it didn’t exist, and all of that started with KFC. So, while you can thank KFC for future stunt food successes like the Taco Bell Doritos Locos tacos, you can shame them for the Burger King Halloween Whopper.

Watch below to find out how the famous stunt sandwich, known as the Double Down, changed the history of fast food:

KFC’s Double Down appeared in our lives in 2010 and immediately took the world by storm. Food critics were (mostly) disgusted by it, the Internet was (obviously) obsessed with it, and it ended up being one of the most influential fast food dishes of this century.

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