Live with Wildlife at the Port Lympne Safari Park [Where to Stay]

Travel to the UK to visit the Port Lympne Safari Park, Wild Animal Reserve and share a bedroom wall with tigers, lions, or a myriad of other animals. It’s an experience you can’t quite get anywhere else. So, if you love animals, nature reserves, or the idea of waking up in the animal kingdom, this is the place for you!

The Port Lympne Safari Park, Wild Animal Reserve & Hotel is located on the south coast of Kent in England. Various lodges around the property allow you to sleep amongst leopards, bears, lions, and other animals. Imagine waking up in bed, looking out the glass wall, and seeing a tiger staring back. Sounds pretty amazing if you ask me.

We do our best to provide a fantastic visitor experience and we are constantly striving for new ways to ensure that we are one of Kent’s best days out, whilst not forgetting the primary reason we are here – to ensure the survival of endangered animals.

Book your stay at the Port Lympne Safari Park, Wild Animal Reserve & Hotel now!

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