What would be the most frightening place to be dropped off for 20 hours? Lost at Sea answers that question.

Lost at Sea is changing the game for financial commercials. I don’t often find investment advertising to be uplifting or inspiring. In fact, usually, I find these commercials very, very boring. In a new campaign, Charles Schwab removes the financial aspect and focuses solely on the customer. It’s a gamble that pays off – the commercial is anything but boring!

Bill Durden’s story is scary and, ultimately, fascinating. I completely forgot I was watching a promotional short film from a financial institution. There is no mention of the organization aside from a quick note that Durden is a Charles Schwab customer and a line of text at the very end. The film is about Bill Durden and his terrifying experience of becoming stranded in the middle of the ocean overnight with no boat, no life raft, and no life vest – it was his sheer will to survive that kept him going.

Watch the video and find out more about how Bill Durden became Lost at Sea:

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