Ad-Tastic: ‘Heart Full of Love’ – Hospital de Amor Promo

2018-05-30T18:07:46-04:00June 2018|Promo & Advertising, Wellness|

The Hospital de Amor in Brazil recently released a beautifully animated ad called 'Heart Full of Love' that promotes both the hospital and the need for cancer patients to be surrounded by love. Can you make it through without shedding a single tear (happy or sad)?!

“Your Black Friend” and the Realization That You Might Be Racist

2019-03-12T20:45:09-04:00April 2018|Human Interest, Movies & TV|

Your Black Friend is an insightful and entertaining animated short that explains how white folks can use their privilege to speak up in the face of racism. If you really want to help your black friend out, you need to watch this short film right now.

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