Most perfect fried chicken sandwich

Make the Perfect Fried Chicken Sandwich at Home!

Fried chicken sandwiches are an irresistible symphony of flavors and textures. The crispy, golden-brown crust gives way to tender, juicy chicken, all nestled within a soft, pillowy bun. With each bite, a burst of spices and seasonings delights your taste buds. These sandwiches are a culinary masterpiece, a mouthwatering experience that leaves an unforgettable impression, forever tempting your taste buds. Hungry? Great! Now, you can make the perfect fried chicken sandwich in the comfort of your own home!

Andrew Rea, also known online as Binging with Babish, is revealing all of his secrets and methods for making the most delectable chicken sandwich at home. Rea walks you through the entire process, from selecting the ideal piece of chicken to selecting the appropriate blend of herbs and spices. Watch the video below to create your own perfect fried chicken sandwich:

When making a spicy fried chicken sandwich at home you need to make a lot of decisions. Picking your chicken filet, the buns, sauces, toppings, condiments, and more—everything has to work in harmony to produce the perfect bite. Andrew Rea (AKA Babish) breaks down every decision he makes when whipping up his ultimate juicy and crispy spicy fried chicken sandwich.

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