Tenacious D Rocks with The Who’s Tommy Medley

Tenacious D Rocks with The Who’s Tommy Medley

I love Jack Black as an actor; he entertains me to no end. But I really love him as a musician. Especially when he’s paired up with pal Kyle Gass as the sometimes-funny rock band Tenacious D. Now, they’re back, gracing us with their musicianship and showmanship in the new The Who medley.

Tenacious D pays tribute to one of the best classic rock bands still performing today but highlighting some of the most popular songs from the rock opera Tommy. (Eventually, Tommy was turned into a Broadway musical, which was my introduction to the music.)

Watch Jack Black and Kyle Gass take on “Pinball Wizard,” “There’s a Doctor,” and “Smash the Mirror” as only The D could:

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