FX’s The Bear: “Review” – One Episode in One Take

FX’s The Bear is one of the best shows to come out of 2022! Find out how they filmed most of a single episode in one take.

The Bear is easily one of my new favorite shows this year. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did, but I was hooked from the moment I casually started watching. From the storylines to the acting to the set design… in my opinion, it’s hard to find any flaws in the series. Some of the most impressive work on the show is not the writing, the acting, or the set design; it’s the camera work. And there is no better example than a single take in the bottle episode, “Review.”

In “Review,” the restaurant uses a new online ordering system but is inundated with orders after realizing they didn’t disable it overnight. While trying to fix the situation, Carmy (Jeremy Allen White), and everyone else in the kitchen, unravel. The story and acting are so great in this episode that it’s easy to overlook all the technical brilliance like most of the episode was filmed in one take. But, once you know, you’ll want to watch The Bear episode 7 repeatedly. It’s so impressive!

Watch the breakdown of The Bear’s infamous shot, and look back at some other impressive ones in television history in the video below: