The Cost and Logistics of Living on a Cruise Ship

If you’re like me, you’ve fantasized about spending your retirement traveling the world, so what are the costs and logistics of living on a cruise ship?

For some of us, retirement is still many years away, but it doesn’t mean we don’t fantasize about it. Retirement might be buying a little plot of land and building your perfect tiny home or setting sail around the world. But for me, it’s all about comfortable travel… like on a cruise ship. So, what would it cost, and what would be the inconveniences of living on a cruise ship?

You’ve probably heard the theory that the elderly should consider living on a cruise ship instead of investing in a senior living facility; after all, you have easy access to food, entertainment, activities, and travel. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well, not so fast.
The Cost…

Living on a cruise ship requires money; even when frugal and limited destinations, the lowest annual cost for a single traveler is around $75,000. But don’t expect much with that low cost; for example, expect an inside suite with no view. And don’t plan on anything that costs extra, including activities and excursions. Also, you’ll need to find a healthy rewards program to supply vouchers and discounts. Now, if you’re traveling with a companion, you can expect the cost per individual to be cheaper, but it’s still not the right choice over a senior living facility.
The Biggest Hurdle…

The biggest hurdle of living on a cruise ship is the lack of medical and health services. Sure, you can grab a massage or facial at the spa, but what happens if you get a cracked tooth or even a run-of-the-mill cavity? Unfortunately, cruise ships are only ready to handle minor illnesses and injuries, and there are no dentists onboard unless they happen to be paying guests. So you’ll be at the mercy of whatever medical services are available at each port, and that’s not the best plan for the aging. And if that’s not enough, cruise ships cannot supply your prescriptions either.
To Live or Not to Live on a Cruise Ship…

So here’s the real deal, cruise ships are great for shorter trips (longer trips, if you take on a world cruise); they’re not equipped for permanent residents, especially older residents. But, if living on a cruise ship still sounds like something you might want to pursue, make sure to watch this informative video below: