The Postcard: A Futuristic Travel Video Animated Short

The Postcard tells the story of one woman’s trip in the not-so-distant future. Watch the incredible animated short.

The Postcard is a wonderful short film that chronicles a young woman’s vacation with her new love Brad. But this isn’t the kind of postcard we’re used to today; it’s a postcard from the future.

The story in The Postcard isn’t new: a young woman travels abroad, meets the love of her life, and has a life-changing adventure. We’ve read that book, seen that movie, and maybe had that experience ourselves. So what makes this animated short from Device worthwhile? This time, that adventure takes place in the year 2037.

2037. What a great year. It was the year when I travelled to Southeast Asia and I experienced things I will never forget. Luckily, postcards will be always there to remind us that the past, sometimes, is not so different from the future. Or is it?

Device is an animation studio based in Barcelona, Spain, and the creators of The Postcard. They are “a team of directors, illustrators, animators, designers, and music composers, known for its stylistic diversity and technical ability.”

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