Can a Viral TikTok Song Jumpstart Your Successful Music Career?

Sometimes, it happens on purpose; sometimes, it’s a total accident, but music always goes super-viral on TikTok. If just one major influencer uses your clip, your music could be heard worldwide in minutes. It’s a very cool experience and a fun memory to look back on for some. But others hope to use their viral TikTok song as a launching pad to a successful music career. Is that even a remote possibility?

It turns out the app is completely revolutionizing the way record labels work, and giving artists more leverage than ever.

Before answering the question, we have to look at the data, right? Fortunately for us, this is precisely what The Pudding and Vox did, and what they found was pretty interesting. There is a direct correlation between TikTok and Spotify. Once a viral song hits, TikTok users will quickly jump to Spotify to listen in full. The more the song is added to Spotify playlists by TikTok users, the more likely it will be added to popular curated lists like New Music Friday, making it accessible to non-TikTok users. Because Spotify influences the music industry and TikTok makes up a good chunk of the new artists going viral on Spotify, labels watch for rising stars on TikTok every day.

Find out more about the kind of deals artists are offered and the longevity of viral success in Vox’s video below:

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