24 Hours in Charlottesville, Virginia [Where to Go]

I’ve been to Charlottesville, Virginia, more times than I can count. I’ve watched it grow from a tiny little college town (UVA) into a southern metropolis with small-town charm. It’s a unique place where big box stores co-exist alongside mom-and-pop shops (at least for now), and cookie-cutter neighborhoods spring up between each country lane. It’s not clear what the future holds for the city, but it’s definitely a place you want to visit right now!

Best Places To Live In The U.S.: Charlottesville, Virginia (

Lately, Charlottesville has been known for the tragedy that took place during a white supremacist rally back in 2017. But the events of that day do not reflect the town as a whole, and it’s time that the outside world is reminded of that. C’Ville is filled with food, music, art, education, expression, and more – why wouldn’t you want to visit? If you need a good list of things to do while visiting for a weekend, check out the video below, filled with all kinds of things to do within 24 hours:

This week, we’re spending 24 Hours In Charlottesville, Virginia. This central Virginia city has everything for the perfect southern day: mountains, rivers, wine, and live music. What’s not to love? From lazy river tubing with James River Runners to sipping rose at a King Family Vineyard surrounded by polo fields to Carters Mountain apple cider donuts at sunset, you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous views. Follow along as we embrace the ultimate food coma, starting with a breakfast sausage egg and cheese bagel and eating our way to many Spanish tapas plates for dinner. Maybe the motto should be: Virginia is for (food) lovers!

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