Gurro: A Charming Scottish Village Hidden in the Heart of Italy

Nestled in the Italian Alps lies a village that seems straight out of a Disney fairytale: Gurro. What sets it apart from neighboring villages is its unusual Scottish flair. Yep, you read that right, a village tucked away in the heart of Italy is known for its Scottish heritage.

Legend has it that centuries ago, a group of Scottish soldiers found refuge in the village during their travels. In awe of the beauty of their surroundings, they decided to make Gurro their home. And so began the fascinating fusion of Scottish and Italian cultures that continues to thrive to this day.

Perhaps the most enchanting aspect of Gurro is its welcoming community. Locals proudly share their heritage with visitors, offering guided tours that dive into the village’s history and traditions. If you find yourself craving a taste of Scotland in the heart of Italy, look no further.

Learn more about the charming village from Great Big Story:

The Italian Alps, home to countless quintessential Italian villagesā€¦and one not-so traditional. Welcome to Gurro, the Scottish village in Italy. So what actually makes this village Scottish? Legend has it that the population descended from Scottish soldiers, who stumbled across the area whilst fleeing a battle 500 years ago. But it’s not just their supposed ancestors flying the Scottish flag – the inhabitants today wear traditional tartan, grab drinks in their local Scottish bar and they even mix Scottish into their languageā€¦Ay, can you believe it!

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