Giraffic Design: Bring Home This Giraffe Chandelier Today

Take your lighting design to new heights with this unique giraffe chandelier – perfect for any whimsical space, inside or outside!

Polar Bears in Abandoned Buildings from Dmitry Kokh [Photography]

Photographer Dmitry Kokh has done it again; just look at these incredible photos of polar bears in abandoned buildings.

The Extinct Golden Mole Was Rediscovered After 86 Years!

Jessie, the border collie, discovers a golden mole in South Africa, the first sighting in 86 years! Learn more about this amazing find.

Live with Wildlife at the Port Lympne Safari Park [Where to Stay]

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Stay inside a wildlife reserve at Port Lympne Safari Park, Wild Animal Reserve & Hotel.

LOL! Trevor Noah and the Snake [Favorite Scenes]

Trevor Noah’s comedy special Son of Patricia is super funny, but it’s the snake story that makes me laugh out loud every time!

Category - Pets & Animals

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