Giraffic Design: Bring Home This Giraffe Chandelier Today

Take your lighting design to new heights with this unique giraffe chandelier – perfect for any whimsical space, inside or outside!

Polar Bears in Abandoned Buildings from Dmitry Kokh [Photography]

Photographer Dmitry Kokh has done it again; just look at these incredible photos of polar bears in abandoned buildings.

LOL! Trevor Noah and the Snake [Favorite Scenes]

Trevor Noah’s comedy special Son of Patricia is super funny, but it’s the snake story that makes me laugh out loud every time!

Live with Wildlife at the Port Lympne Safari Park [Where to Stay]

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Stay inside a wildlife reserve at Port Lympne Safari Park, Wild Animal Reserve & Hotel.

The Extinct Golden Mole Was Rediscovered After 86 Years!

Jessie, the border collie, discovers a golden mole in South Africa, the first sighting in 86 years! Learn more about this amazing find.

Category - Pets & Animals

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