Is Microdosing for Mental Health a Scam?!

Microdosing psychedelics has become an acceptable medical practice to combat severe mental health concerns… but is it a scam?!

As someone who used to be a fan of magic mushrooms in my younger years (before that one awful experience caused me to quit cold turkey), I have been curious about microdosing. Years ago, I remember watching an interview with a father who had tragically lost his sons. The only way he could get through each day was with regulated doses of ketamine. The doses were prescribed by a doctor and administered in a medical facility. It seemed insane… yet it made perfect sense to me. Still, I had no idea the idea of microdosing would become so mainstream one day, yet, here we are. But that’s just it; the practice was only normalized recently, and the long-term results are only now available to review. So the question is, is microdosing still a viable option when it comes to mental health concerns? Or is it a total scam?

The video below breaks down and reviews the science and reasoning behind microdosing. If it is a scam, why are so many people trying it? And more importantly, why do they continue trying it?

Taking small amounts of mushrooms, LSD or MDMA is on the rise, but new science says it MAY BE A SCAM!? If so, why are so many people falling for it. The science is complicated, but fascinating. This is psychedelic SCIENCE.