Ashby Dodd

Natural Beauty: Why Use Turmeric for Better Skin?

Natural Beauty: Why Use Turmeric for Better Skin?

Beauty experts claim turmeric will improve the look and health of your skin. Is it time you swapped the beauty aisle for the spice aisle?!

It’s no secret that turmeric, the everyday cooking spice, is excellent for your skin. It can make your complexion look younger while treating inflammatory concerns, UV damage, and a whole host of added benefits. The spice is full of antioxidants and is said to provide the same benefits that your expensive over-the-counter beauty product does. So, should you chuck all of your name-brand products and hit the spice aisle at the grocery store instead?

Turmeric is known to have “healing properties” when it comes to skin damage and has been used in eastern medicine for decades. But now that beauty experts have caught on, the world is suddenly paying attention. However, some professionals are skeptical. With all of the research coming out, many feel there is still not enough human testing to ensure any natural beauty benefit.

If you’re ready to try turmeric as part of your beauty regimen, consider a homemade facemask or use it in food or as a supplement. If you’re not into making your own products, you can purchase over-the-counter products that include the spice in the ingredients. To find out more about your options and why turmeric is recommended for skincare, head over to