Oh, Possum! is a highly entertaining take on what happens when an opossum plays dead.

When a real life opossum is startled, it can go into deep shock; this is typically referred to as ‘playing dead.’ (There are countless videos on the internet of these weird little creatures playing dead so if you need to see for yourself, a quick Google search will do.) No one really knows what happens in the mind of an opossum during these stressful times, but animator Justin Hilden has an idea. He lays it all out in his animated short, Oh, Possum!

Oh! Possum! - An Amusing Animation Short of Opossums Playing Dead

Oh, Possum! was made several years ago and questioned “what really happens when a possums play dead?” Hilden decided to share his vision through the eyes of two particular animated characters: Ellsworth and Switch. These two brothers couldn’t be more different but it is their differences that make them compelling characters to watch.

You should get acquainted with Ellsworth and Switch right away; find out what happens in the secret world of opossums by watching Oh, Possum! below:


If you want to learn more about how Oh, Possum! was made, check out Justin Hilden’s behind the scenes page on his blog: justinhilden.com.