Recap Every Jurassic Park Movie Before Jurassic World Dominion

There have been so many Jurassic Park movies it’s almost impossible to remember what happened in each of them. I remember the first movie so vividly (because I’m old enough to have seen it in the theater); I’d never seen anything like it. It both excited and terrified me (and also made me wonder if one day we would have living dinosaurs among us). A gazillion JP films later, I’m glad we’re still living dino-free. I mean, it never worked out well for the characters in the movies. That much I remember. What else do I remember? Not a whole lot. This is why I’m thrilled that this giant recap exists!

Fandom Entertainment put together a video that recaps every single Jurassic Park movie starting with the first one. (Yes, the same one starring Laura Dern at a very young age compared to Sam Neill). Don’t remember The Lost World or Jurassic World? No problem, this video has got you covered. Prepare yourself for the history of the franchise before you see Jurassic World Dominion, out in theaters this Friday!

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