This is Fashion?! Hot Dog Dress and Bun Cape

I stupidly thought this was strictly a Halloween costume when the Moschino ensemble flashed on the screen, but no… no, this is apparently everyday fashion. So, for those looking to stun the next time you’re out and about, may I recommend a classy hot dog dress and bun cape?

I won’t pretend to always understand fashion, but this is way over the top for most of us. Although, next October, this is definitely a candidate for a pretty snazzy party costume… if you have the funds.

Moschino’s Hot Dog Duchesse Cape will run you $4,125.00:

Padded duchesse cape in the shape of bread for hot dogs.
Internal arm openings
Padded interior
Printed lining

Fabric : 100% Polyester
Lining : 60% Acetate, 40% Cupro

The Hot Dog Duchesse Dress is just slightly more, coming in at $5,540.00:

Hot dog-shaped duchesse midi bustier dress with placed print and sauce decoration with sequins.
Slim fit
Sauce decoration with sequins on the front
Internal bustier
Side slits on the bottom
Side zip closure and hidden hook

Fabric : 100% Polyester
Lining : 60% Acetate, 40% Cupro

I don’t really get it, but… if you’re dying to drop thousands of dollars and you want an outfit that will make everyone stare, this hot dog dress and bun cape can be purchased at

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