Travel Between NYC & DC in Luxury on the Jet Bus

So, what you’re saying is that you want me to replace the convenience of a train or the speed of a plane with a luxury bus ride? I rode buses from NYC to DC way back when I was young and didn’t have extra money to spend. It was great back then, but now that I have a real bank account, why would I trade the train or a plane for the bus? On the other hand, if you’re riding the new Jet Bus, it might be worth it.

The Jet Bus is a luxury bus line between New York City and Washington, DC. There is a single-seat row for single riders not looking to share a seat, and for couples or pairs, there is a double-seat row. Well, now I’m intrigued. I would much rather sit on my own when traveling by myself than have to make awkward small talk or, even worse, ignore the person whose leg is touching mine because the seats are too close together.

The Jet Bus also offers hover seat technology, so your seat will adjust when the bus goes over bumps, and you won’t even notice. The seats also recline without bothering the riders behind you, and each chair comes with a footrest to make your travel even more relaxing.

Other amenities on the Jet Bus include a high-end bus bathroom, reserved seating, reliable WiFi, and food and drink service. All of this costs around $99-$199. So, is it worth it?

If I’m in a hurry, I’m flying. But if I’m considering the train, the Jet Bus seems like a great alternative. Although, on a bus, you are at the mercy of traffic, and one bad accident could extend your trip for hours. But then again, I’ve been unexpectedly stuck on trains, too.

Take a look at one influencer’s experience on the Jet Bus and decide for yourself:

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