What Was That?! House of Hammer – An Armie Hammer Documentary

If you love Hollywood, sex scandals, and true crime, the "House of Hammer" documentary is definitely one to watch! Find out my thoughts.

Allison Mack: From Smallville to NXIVM [Cult Status]

Allison Mack was a talented television actress who went on to become a cult leader that branded women. How could something like this happen?!

Taylor Armstrong is the Woman Yelling at a Cat [Behind the Meme]

It's a good thing Taylor Armstrong has a sense of humor because she will forever be known as the woman yelling at a cat. Get the story.

The Great Herring War Scene from The Golden Girls [Favorite Scenes]

The great herring war scene from The Golden Girls is a perfect example of why the show is still loved today. I dare you not to laugh.

Chloe on Amazon Prime [What to Watch]

Chloe is a slow burn that is worth the wait. Learn more about this six-episode psychological thriller starring actress Erin Doherty.

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