Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Backstreet Boys Lineup Opening [Favorite Scenes]

One of the best cold opens from the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine involves Andy Samberg, criminals, and a Backstreet Boys song.

Hermoine Growth Spurt: Lindsay Lohan in Retro SNL Sketch

In 2004, Hermoine Granger was back in 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' and this time, she was all grown up. Watch the SNL sketch!

What Was That? My Thoughts on The Deep End Docuseries

Is Teal Swan a pioneer in the self-help industry, or is she a dangerous cult leader? Read my thoughts on The Deep End docuseries.

The Boys: Deeper and Deeper [Podcast Review]

The Boys Companion Podcast presents Deeper and Deeper, a "deeper dive" with The Deep. Find out if it's worth your time.

The Great Herring War Scene from The Golden Girls [Favorite Scenes]

The great herring war scene from The Golden Girls is a perfect example of why the show is still loved today. I dare you not to laugh.

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